T.J. Holmes's Heart Is Too Big for Just One Affair

The ‘GMA3’ anchor allegedly cheated with multiple women at ABC

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T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach — of course we ship and stan the cheating co-anchors because they are mother and also goals, even if they were removed from their on-air positions due to their nasty chemistry. But what if I told you this torrid love affair wasn’t the perfect love story (baby just say yes) that we all assumed? And right before the holidays …

Over the weekend, word got out that Holmes’s relationship with Robach was not his first intraoffice love affair. Before allegedly cheating on his wife with his GMA3 co-host, he allegedly cheated on his wife with the then-married (and now divorced) Good Morning America producer Natasha Singh, according to sources who spoke with Page Six. This affair allegedly started in 2016, and (also allegedly) nearly broke up Holmes’s marriage.

The gossip site’s sources have differing theories as to when Robach knew about her future affair partner’s then-affair. “Amy was the person they went to talk to about their affair and marriages,” one said. Another said, “she didn’t know about the affair until it was in its final stages. They told her about it right at the end.” Okay.

Regardless, their sources seem to agree on the allegation that Holmes’s wife, Marilee Fiebig, found out about the affair in 2019 after finding emails between the two lovers. (Gives a bit more context to that Instagram anniversary post.)

Now Page Six has more info to share about T.J. Holmes and his too-big heart and propensity for lovin’. According to their loudmouthed sources, whom in fact we would love to speak to if possible, Holmes had at least one other office affair besides the two we already know about. I wish I could give you more information than that, but this is all Page Six has to say. I guess you can just imagine it’s someone at ABC with some job title.

Could T.J. Holmes’s relationship with Amy Robach have been written not in the stars, but instead in a thick little notebook he titled People I’ve Cheated on My Wife With? I guess we’ll just have to wait, refresh our T.J. Holmes Google search every 30 seconds, and see.