Tinx: Sorry For the Fatphobia but I Still Stan Boris Johnson

The "rich mom" influencer is an unapologetic conservative

AUSTIN, TEXAS - MARCH 12: Tinx, Christina Najjar, poses at the Variety Studio at SXSW 2022 at JW Mar...
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my son

Christina Najjar, aka “Tinx,” an American-born British-raised cybernetic organism who has a sold-out line of $75 crewneck sweatshirts emblazoned with phrases such as “RICH MOM PALO ALTO” and “RICH MOM BRENTWOOD,” has been canceled. She came under fire when a subreddit dedicated to clowning on “TikTok’s big sister” floated some old tweets into the ether that are only slightly more alarming than her indecipherable TikTok work, which made her at least famous enough to get a skincare explainer on The Cut and a feature with the ultimate TikTok gotcha journalist Taylor Lorenz in 2021.

On Monday Tinx posted a textbook “I’m a work in progress” Notes app apology on Instagram, which I can see at least six people I follow faved, and it’s a doozy.

She apologizes to anyone she called fat, pathetic, and ugly, and she mega-apologizes to Kim Kardashian, who is her idol and who really isn’t very fat, pathetic, or ugly at all. She was 21 when she wrote those tweets and was deeply, deeply insecure at the time. It happens.

One might think that two days later, the follies of a contrite social media personality might be behind us, but her tweets, helpfully compiled on Sophie Ross’s Substack, don’t just out her as a hater, but as a Boris Johnson freak.

This reporter at least is curious why one might apologize profusely for gross 11-year-old tweets, but not for stanning British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the biggest loser at the NATO Summit (hard to accomplish), on Twitter as recently as 2020. Doesn’t really seem like she was hiding it either.

She even calls the yellow-haired wonder “my son.” I guess this has gotta be a rich mom thing.