Masked Singers Spared from Covid Outbreak

And Nick Cannon is alright

THE MASKED SINGER: Racoon in the  Return Of The Masks season five premiere episode of THE MASKED SIN...
FOX/FOX Image Collection/Getty Images

A Covid cluster outbreak on the Los Angeles set of The Masked Singer has spared the show’s contestants and judges, leading me believe that the long-suffering Fox Entertainment costume department’s psychotic face coverings are far more effective than KN95s at preventing the spread of infection (this has not been confirmed by Fox or the CDC).

According to Insider, 3,045 new cases were reported in L.A. County alone on Sunday, and all 12 of the positive tests among The Masked Singer’s staff were a result of “community exposure.” But the top brass at Fox isn’t shutting down production of the season, which hasn’t aired yet — excellent news for the cash liquidity of host Nick Cannon as he continues to grow his family.

We all can learn from this. We need to take stock of which mask silhouettes proved most efficacious in protecting the anonymous from coronavirus so we can move towards mass producing them for the unvaccinated public.

An eagle-eyed journo over at TheWrap was able to parse an 11-second promo video of Cannon in a control room for clues for all us “Maskies.” In the commercial, Cannon looks at several television monitors populated by Shutterstock images of concepts.

Among the clues: a hamster wheel, a banana split, and a deck of cards and a white rabbit. Sounds promising. For now, as we await for directions from the CDC for next steps, I might as well guess the identities of the almost-famous behind those disguises, like the powers that be at Fox so desperately want. In my opinion, they are, in no particular order, Ben Savage, Lisa from BlackPink, and that third Property Brother who is a professional illusionist by trade.