The Woman Brie Larson Laughs and Smiles With Food in Fun Photo Set

She loves to have a good time

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 22: Brie Larson arrives at the 51st NAACP Image Awards on February 2...
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images
alien pretending to be human

“Who said food can’t be fun?” the fantastic Brie Larson asks her fans on one of her famous social media channels.

In this two-part photo series we’ve all been anticipating for days, the casual star who is known to so many of us for her love of joking around has a blast with leaf and mug. In the first photo, she defies those who say food, including leaf and mug, can’t be fun. She sticks her tongue out, taunting leaf, ridiculing mug. In the second photo, the fabulous Brie smiles serenely with her eyes closed, as if to say, “Food can be fun!”

No more Mrs. Red Carpet Brie here. She is casual — and casually radiant. She’s wearing a beautiful, soft, sumptuous shirt with intricate sequined detailing throughout. She is playing with hard and soft, velveteen and diamond, and therefore she is playing with gender. Whether she is picking an outfit or interacting with food, she knows how to have fun — whatever comes her way, whether it be leaf or mug, she laughs it off. She has a great attitude, and she’s a joy on set and in restaurant.

“Who said food can’t be fun?” From here on out — no one will dare, least of all us Brienatics in the back, shouting, laughing, cheering on our Mrs. America.