The Queen Has a New Set of Wheels

And she’s smiling like crazy

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 23: Queen Elizabeth II is given a tour by Keith Weed, President of the Royal H...
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Beep Beep

Winding down to her final days, Queen Elizabeth is now in her surprise era. Surprise! She’s attending the opening of her very own line on the London tube. Surprise! She’s out and about having a secret rendezvous with her horses. Today’s surprise was that she attended the Chelsea Flower Show in a customized buggy. What will this crazy chick do next?

Decked out in a gorgeous little pink number, Lillibet Sr. was all smiles as she rode in the backseat of the Qussy Wagon. “Adjustments have been made for the Queen’s comfort,” a Buckingham Palace spokesperson told BuzzFeed News reporter Ellie Hall of the new whip. I imagine this means that there’s a special compartment for whichever walking stick she decided to use that day, in addition to reclining leather seats and on-board mini fridge.

The Queenmobile first made headlines back in March, when The Sun reported that the old gal had purchased the ​​£62,000 vehicle to help her zip around.

“Her Majesty is struggling with stiffness in her legs, so the cart is a perfect solution to getting her around,” one source told the tabloid. “She’s been through a lot of physical battles recently with Covid and her back sprain, which would take its toll on anyone.”

A little stiffness won’t stop our girl from going fast, as this bad boy can get up to 43 miles per hour and can travel for 50 miles before needing its battery recharged. It’s perfect for trips around the garden, popping into various British events, and inevitably zooming away from Harry and Meghan when they’re in town next month for the jubbly. Hate to see her go, but with a set of wheels like that, love to watch her leave.