The Playboy Mansion Is Haunted ... by Stringy Hair!

A spooky story from a former Playboy bunny.

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 24:  A view of the decorated Playboy Mansion at the annual Halloween Party...
Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Disembodied boobs; lurking STDs; Samantha’s bootleg Fendi purse from when the girls went to Los Angeles so Carrie could take meetings about optioning her column — one has to imagine the Playboy mansion is haunted by many otherworldly beings. On a recent episode of paranormal activity-focused podcast Dark House, former Playboy bunny and Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt, who lived at the mansion from 2002 to 2009, spoke about a specific one. An otherworldly being who had — AHHHHHHHH! — stringy hair.

“My sister, myself and my friend Stacy were all sitting on my bed,” Marquardt explained. She’d gotten a new puppy that day, so the energy in the room was quite jovial. “We were talking, having a glass of wine, and the TV was on. All of a sudden, out of the corner of all of our eyes, we saw a woman standing in my closet.”

A woman standing in a closet is not something that would normally seem out of place in the Playboy mansion, of course. But the phantom’s appearance was quite unusual. “She had black, long kind of stringy hair and she was very pale and very skinny,” Marquardt said. “And she was wearing a white T-shirt that was way too big on her and black acid-wash jeans.”

Oh my god. This is me. Marquardt said the figure stood there staring at her for a moment before it vanished, but that the spooky ghost was not unfamiliar to her. “Before I lived in the mansion I was invited to test for Playmate, and I met this woman who was a social secretary at the mansion,” she said. “She was super friendly. She was kind of like the house mom. She knew about all the pets and she knew about all the girls. She was just amazing.”

The social secretary unfortunately died from cancer before Marquardt moved into the mansion. But, according to Marquardt’s encounter, she may not have left. “I’m pretty sure it was her who was standing there,” Marquardt said. “And I think she came to see the new addition to the mansion, the new pet that was there.” Who could blame her? Heaven knows if we were a dead woman who worked at the Playboy mansion, we’d also be curious about the new addition.

One does wonder why, in case it was this nice lady, Marquardt did not paint the spooky apparition’s appearance with a kinder brush. Maybe like … “she had stringy hair but it was really pretty; I took a drawing I made of her to the salon” or “she was wearing a white T-shirt that was way too big on her and black acid-wash jeans, but the look actually really worked for her?” I guess she was probably still too spooked.