The Last Days of 'Ellen': Ellen Speaks

She says 'unfortunate times' at the show made her learn and grow

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The Last Days of 'Ellen'

In honor of Ellen Degeneres’s show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, coming to an end after 19 years on May 26, we are chronicling its farewell season each week. These are the Last Days of Ellen.

Tomorrow’s the big day, fellas. Ellen is ending her show and then we will never have to think about her again. Just kidding — we will only get one year. She said as much to the Hollywood Reporter in an interview that ran on Wednesday.

“I am going to try to take [Oprah’s] advice, which is, ‘Don’t do anything for a year. No matter how good the offer is, just sit for a year,’ Ellen said. “I have an incredible offer right now that I actually got several months before I finished. It’s really, really hard to say no to and I’m asking to delay it because I am really trying to sit still.”

What kind of an incredible offer, you might be wondering. Reporter Lacey Rose asked if it’s a big film role, to which Ellen ominously replied that it’s “something along those lines.” Obviously my mind ran to the worst possible option: some kind of twisted new Ryan Murphy project, where Ellen plays a demonic headmistress at an all-girls school for ghosts.

Thankfully, Ellen feels a strong calling back to stand-up, towards the bright lights of Radio City Music Halls and away from any beloved media properties. “I also love doing stand-up, so I can always write another special and go out and [perform], which is Portia’s preference,” Ellen said. Happy wife, happy life, that’s what I’m always saying.

Of course, it would not be a “Goodbye to Ell That” interview without addressing the allegations that the Ellen Show was a toxic workplace environment. “There was a lot that happened during that time that was unfortunate but it is what it is — you go through stuff in life and you just keep learning and growing.” There’s that classic Ellen spirit. When your employee walks off the job because of comments you made about her race, all you can really do is shrug your blazer-adorned shoulders and dance it out — it is what it is. Can’t wait to see you learn and grow even more in the years to come, girl!

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