The Best Celebrity Comments on Joe Rogan's N-Word Apology Video

It's Caitlyn Jenner and the entire MMA industry

Jun 15, 2013; Winnipeg, MB, Canada; UFC color commentator Joe Rogan poses for a portrait before the ...
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well said, brother

Another day, another taped front-facing apology courtesy of Spotify’s Joe Rogan, atoning for being awful. The most recent update to the canon: Rogan saying sorry, brother to his fans regarding a video compilation of him saying the N word.

Here’s the video:

You can say this much about Rogan: 1) he doesn’t seem to contain any vanity based on the angles he chooses to present to the world and 2) his friends really show out for him, in this case, defending his use of the N word.

Unlike his last video, where luminaries such as The Rock, Jewel, and Tulsi Gabbard showed their support for his commitment to open debate and spreading COVID misinformation, the only real famous person (?) to be found here advocating Rogan’s use of the N word is... Caitlyn Jenner.

Other than that, the blue checkmarks offering support are a bunch of MMA guys. Here’s what they have to say:

Rener Gracie, American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu impresario, MMA Guy

Ben Saunders, UFC athlete, MMA guy

Shawn Baker, founder of “The Carnivore Diet,” MMA Guy

Keith Jardine, actor, MMA Guy

Robin Black, total MMA guy

Matt Staudt, Cofounder of Game Up Nutrition, MMA Guy

Paulo Costa, authentic Brazilian MMA guy

Lewis Howes, podcaster, MMA guy

Brian Deegan, motocross racer, presumably an MMA guy

Jason Poston, bodybuilder and MMA guy

Layne Norton, PhD, nutrition scientist and MMA guy

Also, the John Butler Trio?

Well, it’s nice to have friends.