Is Sydney Sweeney Gen Z’s Answer to Tom Brady?

There are several compelling similarities

BOSTON, MA - JULY 22: Actress Sydney Sweeney is introduced before throwing a ceremonial first pitch ...
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Euphoria actor Sydney Sweeney and football player Tom Brady — on the surface, it may not seem like these rising stars have much in common at all. I’ve never seen Tom Brady act in Euphoria, for example. And I’ve never seen Sydney Sweeney downplay her relationship with a good friend right when that good friend needs her love and kisses the most, due to how that friend is involved in various crimes. And yet a new profile from the Hollywood Reporter shows these two ingénues might not be so different after all …

“She has just flown down from Boston to New York, where she’s spending several months in production for Marvel’s Madame Web movie,” says the Hollywood Reporter of Sydney Sweeney. Well, well, well. This isn’t what we’re here to discuss, but it seems the almighty has rewarded us with even more than one way Sydney Sweeney is the new Tom Brady. Say it with me:

  • Sydney Sweeney is in Madame Web, a movie starring Dakota Johnson; Dakota Johnson played Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, a role reportedly turned down by Shailene Woodley; Shailene Woodley used to be engaged to Aaron Rodgers, pictured here with … Tom Brady:
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Oh my god. That is literally so crazy … I’m like spooked? But now to the main event: look at this. “To this day, her drink of choice is water, and over breakfast she tells me she’s never even tried coffee,” says the Hollywood Reporter. “‘If I’m celebrating, or it’s a very rare occasion, I’ll have a Shirley Temple,’ she said.”

Sound familiar???

“I never, never, never had any coffee or anything like that,” Tom Brady said in an interview with radio station WEEI-FM in 2016, a few months before maybe or maybe not voting for Donald Trump. “I just never tried it.” (He’s also maybe only had one strawberry.)

Well, there you go. Maybe you’re walking around thinking that most people have at least tried coffee, at least once in their life, but you would be wrong — Sydney Sweeney and Tom Brady have not. I would say that’s pretty compelling evidence that Sydney Sweeney is Gen Z’s answer to Tom Brady.

Now if we can only get confirmation that Sydney Sweeney’s grandparents also love Tom Brady’s tits we might really be onto something.