Still Tickets Left for the Louis CK Show in Kyiv Tomorrow

Some may call stand-up comedy the biggest security risk of all...

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 18:  Creator/writer/actor Louis C.K. speaks onstage during the 'Louie' panel ...
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
not canceled

There are no safe spaces in Louis CK’s controversial comedy stylings, so it’s fitting that the formerly canceled comedian’s shows tomorrow and Saturday are still on at the National Palace of Arts in Kyiv, as thousands continue to flee the city amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Although the tour dates have been removed from his official website, still lists ten spots left for Friday’s show in the city center, allowing plenty of room for those who came to town for the big show. Saturday’s performance looks even more spacious if you’re willing to be a little bold and plan ahead in these unprecedented circumstances.

One catch: venue security (rather than armed border patrol) will make guests put their phones in lockboxes so as to not leak any sensitive material to Vulture — those guys are tough critics. Parting with one’s phone to protect Louie’s IP while the city is under siege is a small risk to take after everything he has sacrificed for his fans at the altar of observational comedy.

There is some good news, though: all tickets are currently 30% off.

CK was scheduled to be in Tel Aviv Feb. 21-23, so it's possible he took shelter in the loving arms (PERV) of another embattled nation and failed to update Wherever he is — we wish him the best.