SOLVED: The Mystery of Why Kathy Hilton Wore a Tablecloth

“I was roasting.”

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Kathy Hilton is a mysterious woman. Mother to Paris and Nicky, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member has been known to do such things as: drink Red Bull at 1 a.m.; think “Hunky Dory” is the name of a guy; respond “I have” after Garcelle Beauvais attempts to make a point about race by asking her primarily white fellow cast members if they have ever entered a room and felt like they couldn’t relate to anyone there. Most recently, she entered a Los Angeles restaurant wearing a pink dress and left wearing a white tablecloth. Why?

My guess was something related to the unplanned expulsion of bodily fluids, though admittedly that is more of a Real Housewives of Orange County or Real Housewives of New York sort of thing. Kathy Hilton is in general more dignified with her excretions than, say, Vicki Gunvalson or Ramona Singer. It turns out I wasn’t completely incorrect, though. “I was roasting and roasting and roasting,” she explained during an Instagram Live on Thursday.

It seems she was hosting a “Christmas in September” charity event with Paris and Nicky when she got overheated. “It ended up being an incredibly large turnout, which was unbelievable,” she said. “It was overwhelming, it was very exciting, it was crowded. It was so hot, and I was on stage actually participating for two hours in the auction. I was roasting and roasting and roasting.” She’d worn a wool dress, and said “the whole thing was literally sticking to me.”

So once inside the restaurant, she took off the too-warm wool dress and exchanged it for a cooler tablecloth, which her friend turned into a dress. She said it looked “like a sarong in the South of France,” and I do agree — the tablecloth dress was quite beautiful.

"I wanted to just let everybody know because everybody was up in arms wondering what happened," Kathy said. Yep, okay. Thanks!