Jojo Siwa Breaks Her Silence on the Slap

She's got a few thoughts

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Day 11

Gawker Person of the Year and American icon Jojo Siwa is no longer slated to appear in Bounce, an adaptation of the YA book by Megan Shull that would have been her first feature film. Siwa, 18, would’ve appeared as seventh grader Frannie Hudson, who wishes she could trade her evil, rude, dumb-ass family in for a different one. Her wish is granted, but there’s a catch – she keeps having to relive Christmas Day in different households.

Siwa’s Bounce role would have required her to kiss a guy, which she was not happy about. Last summer, she told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m madly in love [with then-girlfriend Kylie Prew] and I do not want to kiss another human. Especially because it’s a man.” She also worried her young fan base would be confused by her kissing someone, as 7-year-olds’ brains are often too underdeveloped to understand the concept of acting.

“That’s what they look at me as, not some character, not some fictional thing. And so it’s going to be a little weird,” Siwa said.

Last Saturday, Siwa told Variety she was no longer doing Bounce. “That project got put on hold, and then went away. It wasn’t the one,” she said.

This is Hollyweird. Things happen, and it didn’t seem like a great fit from the jump. The parting of ways between Siwa and the producers happened months ago.

But wait.

The producer on Bounce is Caleb Pinkett, along with his sister Jada Pinkett Smith and…… W*ll Sm*th! The guy who slapped Chr*s R*ck in an international incident now known as “the slap.”

Siwa clarified to Variety that the decision to leave Bounce preceded the slap by months and the assault had no bearing on her decision. “I normally stay out of all politics, it’s not my gig. But, I will say that being kind to one another is very important. I think that can go both ways, kindness,” she said.

She learned about the milk of human kindness from reading the script for Bounce, I’m sure. I feel it might be relevant to add that two years ago I worked at a bookstore that the Smith family moseyed into on Christmas Eve, and Willow bought $150 worth of books. They were about God, though, not kindness. Just an interesting fact.