Scarlett Johansson and Disney Are Friends Again

A legal update.

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Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You might remember that Scarlett Johansson and Disney are involved in a lawsuit. Johansson accused Disney of violating the terms of her contract, which stated her movie Black Widow would be released in theaters exclusively, and that she would get a cut of the box office. Because of the pandemic, the movie was also released on Disney+. When we discussed this in July, we came to the conclusion that, if forced to choose a side, we would have to side with Scarlett Johansson for reasons related to: she sounds right, and also we’re not going to side with Disney.

Well, you know — sometimes in life, you hear about something, and it’s not particularly interesting to you, and then a little bit later you hear a new thing about it. And at that point, because you have a foundation of information about the subject, you feel the need to absorb the new information. That’s what’s happening now. I’m here to give you the update that: Disney and Scarlett Johansson have settled their lawsuit.

You’re likely wondering about the terms, and I’m sorry to report that they have not been disclosed. Effectively this gives us even less to talk about than we had last time, since there’s nothing to even have an opinion on, but here we are. I guess the opinion could be that we’re glad for both parties. I’d hate to have to be doing a lawsuit on top of everything else (climate change, and so on).

Now that the couple has settled their differences, they can continue to work on other projects, like, according to the Washington Post, “a film based on the Tower of Terror theme-park ride” that Johansson and Disney have been developing together. I’m actually kind of down for that, to be honest. They should do it old-timey, like Mank.

“I am happy to have resolved our differences with Disney,” Johansson said in a statement, I assume referring to us as well as herself. Yes. I’m glad we have too, Scarlett.