Ex-Sister Wife Robyn Brown Says Kody Deigned to Have Sex With His Other, Tubby Wives

He rode 'em even when "there was weight gain" and stretch marks

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Sister Wives’s Robyn Brown, Kody Brown’s only remaining wife and his sole tether to reality after the blue light of online men’s rights forums finally melted his frontal lobe right out of his ears, said something misogynistic on Sunday’s season 17 finale episode Sister Wives: One-on-One. How could you, Wife Number Four?! Per Insider, Robyn told the host Sukanya Krishnan that despite the other three wives’ assertions of waning “intimacy” Kody, the curly haired king of central Arizona’s Manosphere, deigned to have sex with his frumpy dumpy first three wives even when they were fat, nagging, and broke.

"When I came into this family, I knew and I saw that when there's stretch marks and there's weight gain and there's like, you know you're being stagnant in the marriage, or there's fights or there's money problems or whatever it is, he still had this romance going with each of them," Robyn said. Robyn’s courtship process and her assimilation into a family with Kody and sister wives Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown was shown on the first season of Sister Wives in 2010. Those three have all since canned his stupid ass, and are living well, selling buttery soft leggings and diarrhea powders for weight loss on Instagram.

Robyn, meanwhile, didn’t seem content to leave well enough alone. She also said that she can’t exactly muster up any sympathy for the departed wives, other than to say "relationships are hard."

I might have said some things I can’t take back about her eyebrows, but I’ve been pretty easy on Robyn, Kody’s long-suffering hypewoman, throughout his public divorces. She’s been adamant for years on the show that she wanted to make plural marriage work (and still does…girl…), even if Kody’s old-ass wives were these disgusting yellow-haired housewenches with sagging tits and tendencies to “nag” at Kody. But this is gross, debasing, and uncalled for.

Of course, this is to say nothing about where Kody himself ranks on the fine specimen scale of sexiness. Not to mention,, any other family of reality stars would have figured out a way to be executive producing this show to make bank, rather than just a “special thanks” tag to the Brown family at the end of every episode, but that’s beside the point. I’m just saying, it makes no sense how they’re still living in rental apartments. Makes you think: maybe breadwinning patriarch Kody is actually not good at business even if he claims to make $200 an hour wearing his visor.