Rihanna’s Baby Has a Bathrobe

Not for sale. Baby bathrobe. It’s Rihanna’s baby’s.

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rihanna's baby

Bathrobes have been a topic of conversation recently among the media elite, and Rihanna’s unborn child has jumped into the fray early, situating themselves pre-birth on the right side of history. Yes, Rihanna’s baby is pro-bathrobe. Rihanna’s baby is so pro-bathrobe, in fact, that it’s the only item of clothing they own. Well, well, well.

Rihanna discussed the bathrobe with writer Chioma Nnadi in a new Vogue profile, accompanying her appearance on the magazine’s May cover:

“But let’s back up a bit, to the more urgent matter of what the baby will wear. In the immediate future—as in tomorrow afternoon—there’s a shopping trip planned to Bonpoint and Baby Dior. The one item of baby clothing she does have so far is a mini bathrobe, a gift from her hotel in Paris, an exact replica of the one she’s been lounging around her room in.”

Uh-huh, you read that right. Both Rihanna and her unborn baby are pro-robe. Of course, the “tomorrow afternoon” mentioned in this story is in the past, and it is possible the baby has accumulated more clothing since (at Bonpoint and Baby Dior). But what will the baby wear while drying off from their baby bath? And what will the baby wear while they are deciding what baby couture to choose for the day? And what will the baby understand, even with a baby brain, to be a necessary item pre-clothing, for both comfort and style?

I think we all know the answer.

(The baby bathrobe, from the hotel in Paris.)