Meredith Marks Responds to Allegations That She Is a Garbage Whore With a Family That Poses

The 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' star says she is “utterly sick” about the comments.

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you have to forgive me

“Meredith can go fuck herself,” said Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow in this season’s hot-mic moment that rocked Joseph Smith down to his buried golden plates. “I’m done with her because I’m not a fucking whore and I don’t cheat on my husband. Her and her dumb fucking family that poses. Why don’t you own a house? Oh, wait, you can’t, because your husband changes jobs every five minutes?"

Meredith and Lisa, former besties, had been fighting about … I forget what. I think maybe it was that Meredith was being nicer to cult leader Mary Cosby than she was to Lisa? It doesn’t matter. Regardless of the cause, the rant — which also included the accusation that Meredith was a “fucking piece of shit garbage whore” who is “fucking half of New York” — went unseen to Meredith until right before the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion, part two of which aired on Sunday night. (Meredith’s husband, if we need to remind you, is one of the worst in Housewife history.)

Reunion host and evil Bravo puppetmaster Andy Cohen read the rant word-for-word in front of the ladies, whose reactions were displayed on screen side-by-side. Meredith was, as you can imagine, not happy. But how does she respond to the allegation that she is a garbage whore with a family that poses?

“The content is absurd. If that’s how you feel about me, fine. That’s okay, I don’t really care about that. But the venom and the hatred that the delivery came with is what resonated,” she said.

“I couldn’t even sit and watch it,” Meredith continued, in an opinion opposite of this writer’s, who has sat and watched it multiple times. “I’d stop it, it took me about an hour to get through it … I was sick, utterly sick.”

Lisa Barlow apologized, claiming she was under the impression that although she knew she was on-mic, the producers wouldn’t stoop so low as to include these comments filmed in the privacy of her room. “Are my words awful? Yes,” she said. “Was I at a breaking point? Absolutely. Was I in the privacy of my room? 100 percent. I could not take anymore. Do I regret saying it? Yes. Am I sorry? 1,000 percent. Meredith — I can not say enough how sorry I am.”

Eh, they’ll probably be fine.