Princess Diana Condemned to Sunken Garden for Eternity

Her sons have temporarily reconciled for their sinister directive.

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The Unholy Royals

The prison of eternal life. Those with tender hearts wouldn’t wish it upon their most wretched enemy, and yet today its foreboding darkness has settled upon Kensington Palace. Though the sun shines above, those with clear eyes can see only night. The beloved Princess Diana is to be unveiled here today, her spirit cast in stone and condemned for all eternity to the Sunken Garden; her two begotten sons the architects of her confinement.

Yes, her sons, yet asunder, have temporarily reconciled for their singular and sinister directive: to install her simulacrum among 4,000 newly planted flowers including roses, forget-me-nots, and lavender, according to a press release. The woeful object will sit within the garden that is said to be one of Diana’s favorite places when she was unbound; a final cruelty.

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The gruesome ritual is to mark the 20th anniversary of Diana’s tragic and untimely release.

God help her forsaken soul.