Prince Harry Blows Book Deadline, Needs Just a Few More Months

This way the Jubbly can be included, so it’s sort of a win-win?

P van Katwijk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
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Ugh, okay — listen. Prince Harry hates to do this. He never expected to be “this sort” of writer, you know, the kind who takes deadlines “as a suggestion” and all of that nonsense. He considers himself to be a quite punctual sort of prince, as a matter of fact. But the reality is the book just isn’t there yet. The idea that he’d miss his deadline is so cliché that it’s literally like making him sick, but it is what it is.

According to Times royals reporter Roya Nikkhah, Penguin Random House has walked back the 2022 publication date for Prince Harry’s $20 million memoir, and cannot confirm when it will now be released.

Regarding why there is new confusion over the release date, Nikkhah, bless her heart, suggests it might be to “avoid overshadowing” the Queen’s freaking Jubbly, an event that remains mysterious to me even though Gawker’s own royals reporter Claire Carusillo writes at least three stories about it every day. Recently Meghan and Harry were planning on not attending the Jubbly, and then they were going to attend after all, and then they were going to attend but just not go on the balcony.

Waiting until after the Jubbly, Nikkhah says, would also “provide Harry an opportunity to give his account of attending next month’s celebrations with Meghan and their children, the first time the Sussexes will have been reunited with the Royal Family for more than two years.” So, you see? It’s sort of a win-win for Prince Harry and Penguin Random House. He gets a bit more time — really, just a few more months, it’s going to make a huge difference he swears — and we get to hear all the juicy details about this like … party for his grandma, or whatever it is.

So, okay? Are we good? He’ll turn in his draft in just a few more months, three or four? Six tops? He swears he’ll have it then and it’ll be in much better shape. Please don’t make him quote the Dorothy Parker telegram.