Prince Charles Exhibits Fan Behavior Toward Granddaughter Lilibet

Buy a meet and greet ticket, sweetie

AYR, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 09: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales known as the Duke of Rothesay when in ...
Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Prince Charles absolutely stans his granddaughter Lilibet, and is completely desperate to meet her. Even though she’s only been on the scene for three months, Charles is obsessed, and will go to any length (perhaps even appearing on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s podcast) in order to get close to her.

“I think Prince Charles really wants to meet his granddaughter,” royal expert Nick Bullen told Us Weekly. “Prince Charles is incredibly sad about everything that’s gone on. So the family will want to meet each other.”

If you need a reminder about “everything that’s gone on,” Prince Harry and Meghan have left royal life in favor of becoming content creators, mostly due to racism from the royal family.

Bullen believes that all of that will be put aside next summer, when the family comes together to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. The Queen will be celebrating both 70 years on the throne and 96 years on earth, and if Harry and Meghan do attend the family is expected to put aside their differences (again, racism) to honor the monarch.

“Everyone’s going to have to play nicely and behave well because it’s the Queen’s moment,” Mullen said.

Waiting until next summer to meet his granddaughter feels a little bit like Prince Charles putting all his eggs in one basket. After all, Elizabeth has stuck around all these years keeping him off the throne, it would be fitting that she kicks in just in time to stop him from becoming un-estranged from his son But that’s just me, Prince Charles is probably privy to whatever Royal science is keeping the Queen upright and knows that his waiting game will pay off.