The Boys Are Hanging Out

Pete Davidson, Scott Disick, and Travis Barker went to a child’s baseball game

Scott Disick: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images; Travis Barker: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images; Pete Davidson: James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images
the boys


Did you hear about the boys? Oh my god. Okay so on Saturday the guys were all hanging out — which, like, I know, so weird already — and Pete took Scott’s phone and posted on Scott’s Instagram story about how he fell asleep while they were hanging out and watching TV, LOL, and he wrote, “Boyz night was wild.” Ha!!! It’s so weird and funny but, like, cute?

And then on Sunday all the guys went to — wait, did you hear about this? It was on Deuxmoi. OMG how are you not up to date on Deuxmoi?! (LOL sorry, I’m obsessed.) Anyway, on Sunday all the guys (Pete, Scott, and Travis [!!]) went to Reign’s baseball game. I know, sooo cute right, but so weird? Somebody took a photo of them and sent it into Deuxmoi saying, “Met Pete, Scott, Travis, and the kids at my brother’s baseball game.” The person who sent it in put emojis over their own face (I know, I hate that) but in one pic they were with Scott and Pete, and in another they were with Travis. Here I’ll show you:



I didn’t even know Scott and Travis were cool with each other like that? Did you? After the stuff with Kourtney? But … I mean, obviously it’s good for them. And so nice of all the guys to support Reign. I’m totally happy for them, I don’t mean to gossip, it’s sort of just like … what?? Remember the leaked texts from Scott about how Travis and Kourney were making out “in the middle of Italy"?? LOL. Seems like that should have caused some drama between all of them, but now they’re just buds, I guess.

And obviously the timing is good, with their show premiering on Hulu. Not that I think that has anything to do with it, like I would literally not suggest that? But I’m just saying the timing is good, just randomly. LOL. Anyway. So cute to see the guys hanging out.