Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski Upgrade Alleged Relationship to Hug Status

[Sitcom crowd ooooOoooh noise]

Pete Davidson: Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images; Emily Ratajkowski: Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
kiss! kiss! kiss!

Which came first, the DeuxMoi blind item or the relationship with Pete Davidson? We’ll no doubt have to ask this question over and over again, until our creaky old bones give out and we evaporate into a poof of dust that will hastily be swept into the feed tubes of our fellow pod members. This time, if you ask sources close to Emily Ratajkowski, the answer is: the pair had been dating for “a couple of months” before we got the DeuxNews. Okay. And now we have visual evidence!

The new “couple” were spotted together by paparazzi in NYC on Wednesday night, after Davidson arrived at Ratajkowski’s West Village apartment. The two were headed for a night on the town, but, according to TMZ, Davidson got spooked by the pap throng and fled, forcing Ratajkowski to take a car to Brooklyn, where she and her prince were once again reunited. It is a love story admittedly better than the one in the last Pete Davidson movie I watched, where Kaley Cuoco could time travel using a tanning bed.

Once arriving in Brooklyn, Ratajkowski and Davidson “greeted each other with a long, warm hug and a smile,” per TMZ. And how nice that is for them, to move to “second base” (first base is holding hands with no photographic evidence, second base is hugging in a dimly lit Brooklyn hallway). You may see the photos of their embrace here, but if you’d rather not click, I’ve created an artistic rendering:

As you can see, she was wearing a puffer jacket.

So, I guess we’re doing this, then. It’s fine enough. It’s the holidays. We can slot Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski together for the next few weeks and then check back in with them in the new year. It’s actually easier this way.