Legitimate Couple Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski Are Having Problems

Reports say Davidson is “bummed” that his sweetheart is seeing other guys

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Last we heard of the creatively bankrupt “relationship” between Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski, they were, according to two separate sources, getting “a little bit more serious” and “more serious.” It has now come to our attention that “serious” may have been used in the sense of, like, when you get news at the hospital.

Earlier this week, Ratajkowski made headlines not for her steamy Davidson romance or her steamy puffer jacket obsession, but instead for an apparent steamy date night she had with DJ Orazio Rispo. The pair were spotted smooching in October, but this time DJ Orazio Rispo was spotted alone in front of Ratajkowski’s apartment in the West Village. Was he singing “On the Street Where You Live” like in My Fair Lady? We have not yet gotten word.

Pete, as you’d assume, is bummed about the whole situation. Of course, no one would like to see the true love of their life romantically linked with DJ Orazio Rispo. Sources spoke to Hollywood Life about his light sadness. “Pete understands that Emily just got out of a marriage and he doesn’t want to smother her,” the source said. They continued:

“Pete is slightly bummed when he sees her on a date with another guy because he does like her a lot. But he is not putting all of his eggs in one basket either. They both have very busy lives and Pete’s career is on the up and up. Pete has told Emily that he feels very strongly for her and she knows that he really is into her. He hasn’t been secretive about this to his close friends, or family.”

Aw, bunny. Will this relationship even make it to the new year, or will we have to update our Who Pete Davidson Is Dating sign while we’re supposed to be on holiday break? Ugh. Please don’t make us do that, Pete and Emily. We’ve worked so hard on who you have both been dating or married to or getting a divorce from all year. Please. Just let us rest for a couple weeks.