Pennsylvania Swifties Put Second Crack in Liberty Bell To Avenge Mother

They've lodged over 2,500 complaints against Ticketmaster with the PA Attorney General

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let freedom sing!

Pennsylvanian Swifties – most of whom likely would have bullied Taylor during her childhood in West Reading (before she took off her glasses and revealed herself to be a total freaking dimepiece) – are getting litigious against Ticketmaster.

The embattled group of stans has lived through “capitalism” hell this last week attempting to buy tickets for Swift’s Eras Tour. They experienced website crashes, long waits, and something sinister with “verified fan” codes which, according to the New York Times, “started in 2017 and is meant to keep tickets in the hands of fans rather than resellers.” That didn’t work. Now, tickets are being resold for thousands of dollars, and the general sale of Eras tickets on the site has been canceled outright. The Department of Justice is already looking into Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation in an antitrust investigation, but the snail’s pace of the American legal system is not gonna appease the Swifties. They’re out for blood.

Luckily, while Mutha Taylor herself told them, “You’re on your own, kid,” Pennsylvania Attorney General and Governor-elect Josh Shapiro welcomed them into his loving bureaucratic bosom.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Josh Shapiro invited disgruntled Taylor Swift fans who experienced problems with Ticketmaster to submit consumer complaints. Within 24 hours, 1,200 were already filed. The office usually receives about 150 complaints per day a spokesperson said.” As of Monday morning, the number has doubled to over 2,500 complaints against Ticketmaster.

If you’re aggrieved enough to enter your Reputation era over Taylor’s three nights of PA gigs, you can fill out a complaint form here. While I do think that eventually Taylor Swift will be a key component in Ticketmaster’s demise, these Swifties are about to learn that the only avenue less effective than scream tweeting into the void is filling out a government form. But for now, it’s got a blank space baby, and you can write your name.