Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles's Fake Relationship Will Live Forever in Our Hearts

The former lovers have "no bad blood" toward one another...but what about the rest of us?

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 15: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are seen in Soho on March 15, 2022 in Lond...
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wilde 'n out

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, a pop star-turned-actor and an actor-turned-director who met on the set of a movie, have broken up.

Per Page Six,

“There is no bad blood between them. Harry didn’t dump Olivia, or vice versa,” a source tells Page Six exclusively.
“This is the longest relationship Harry’s ever had, so clearly they have a special bond.”
The insider points out that the challenges of dating long-distance contributed to Wilde, 38, and Styles, 28, pressing pause after nearly two years of dating.
“They’re on a break. It’s impossible to have a relationship when he’s in every continent next year and Olivia has her job and her kids,” the source explains.

A break?

I don’t mean to sound glib when I say this, but sometimes the drama surrounding Wilde, Styles, Wilde’s ex Jason Sudeikis, and Don’t Worry Darling lead/arbiter of female pleasure/enemy to most Florence Pugh was the only thing that kept me hanging on over the course of the last six months. It started slow. Remember when Olivia wore a cable knit sweater? Or when Harry told Howard Stern she was “very helpful” on set? But baby, it only escalated from there.

How nutso was it when Olivia Wilde’s ex Jason Sudeikis had a process server hand her custody papers on stage at something called CinemaCon? And then he won an Emmy for his show about a soccer coach processing intergenerational trauma? OK, and the Miss Flo of it all? Squeee!! Pugh broke up with retired doctor Zach Braff amid all this! Remember the edge-of-your-seat Venice Film Festival press tour? Or learning about *spoiler alert* incels alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal? When they sat soooo far apart from each other at the New York premiere? CHRIS PINE FREAKING SPITTING ON HARRY? AND when the dogwalker spoke!? When the fucken nanny spilled the McTea? The RED PLANE>>>>??????<<<<>>>>?>???? THE GARLIC-FREE SALAD DRESSING????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am proud to say that being able to witness Harry and Olivia’s relationship was the most toxic time of my life, an era I will look back at with great wistfulness. They were my earth, my moon, my stars, my big pointy collar, my glitching egg, and ultimately, the greatest simulation to ever exist.