Okay?: Olivia Munn's Friend Said Her Baby's Gonna Be Tall

Not even freakishly tall, just normal tall.

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tall baby alert

Famous pregnant woman Olivia Munn appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday to talk about how she is, famously, pregnant. The actor has been in the news most recently for the rumor that she and John Mulaney, the father of her forthcoming child (that she’s pregnant with), are either broken up or on the way to being broken up. On Late Night, she discussed good and bad baby advice she’s received, and how at least one friend thinks the baby might be tall. Please — do tell.

"I have a friend of mine who said she has a gift of being able to tell you how tall your baby will be," Munn told Seth Meyers. She explained that she gave the friend this data set to work with: She is 5-foot-5 and Mulaney is 6-foot. Olivia said the friend considered this and responded, "'Hmm, the baby will be 6 feet tall.'"

Munn said, "I don't know where she comes up with those figures, but I get that kind of advice from people." I myself have a guess where she came up with the figure, but I’ll leave it as her secret. Meyers pointed out that she won’t know whether the prediction is correct for many years after the kid is born, and Munn said, "Unless she's talking about a 6-foot baby that comes out of me. Like it just stretches, it just keeps going!”

Now that would be spooky. Happy halloween.