New York Mag's Julia Fox Profile Is Embarrassing for Everyone Involved

The dirty snow pile maintains a shred of dignity

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 14: Julia Fox poses for a photo backstage for TRESemme x LaQuan Smith ...
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Julia Fox scooped her own profile in New York Magazine by a few hours yesterday, confirming on her Instagram page that her whirlwind romance with Kanye West was over and she WASN’T crying about it. A few hours later, New York published a whirlwind account of Fox’s last few weeks, with a devastating disclaimer pinned to the top:

Note: A week after our interview, Julia Fox posted a statement to her Instagram: She and Ye had parted ways. The announcement fell on Valentine’s Day, amid Ye’s public pleas to get back together with Kim Kardashian West. Fox waved away the suggestion that she was heartbroken. “Why not see me for what I am which is a #1 hustler,” she wrote. Here, she tells us all about her so-called hustle.

Embarrassing for the magazine, to be sure, but writer Hunter Harris lets Fox and her people do most of the talking, and they do most of the heavy lifting embarrassing themselves and everyone around them.

Here’s a round up of everyone who this profile humiliates:

Julia Fox’s Entourage

Fox’s friends are stylists Peri Rosenzweig and Briana Andalore, model Richie Shazam, and Fox’s Forbidden Fruits podcast co-host, Niki Takesh. New York describes this gang as her “high-fashion handmaidens, caressing her thighs and looking up at her adoringly” during a photoshoot on a dirty snow pile on the street of an industrial block between Williamsburg and Greenpoint in early February.

Rosenzweig and Andalore also seemed to work full-time for Fox in her Ye era, which ended yesterday.

Rosenzweig and Andalore raided Ye’s fashion archives and went shopping for new looks; Takesh was on the assist. “I’m out here making Excel sheets and ordering shit and returning shit,” she says. “It’s a full-time job.” West provided feedback on the styling via text message.

Juergen Teller

The famed photographer’s set up: the gang in latex and leather posing on a dirty snow pile. A fake boulder is featured prominently.

Her friends are in the shoot, while simultaneously styling it. “Turns out it’s tricky to style a shoot you’re modeling in, too,” New York reports. “Is Rosenzweig supposed to be getting ready, or should she be on set with Fox adjusting her last looks? She asks a half-dozen people if they have a cigarette.”

They’re some of the worst photos I’ve ever seen in my life.

Any and All Visionaries

Playwright Jeremy O. Harris, baby Valentino, and other luminaries are pulled into this slushy mess. Especially and particularly West. “Obviously he’s a visionary, but Julia is a visionary too,” Rosenzweig tells New York. “We’re all visionaries, actually.”

The Fake Boulder on the Snow Pile

She’s seen better days.


Entourage member and Fox’s podcast co-host Niki Takesh claims, “[Fox] was having dinner with Madonna before she met Kanye.” After a day of fittings in Los Angeles, Madonna and Fox grabbed dinner at Delilah. Fox just auditioned to play Madonna’s bestie Debbie Mazar in her biopic.

Here are the two gal pals, captured in a candid moment:

Restaurateurs Mario Carbone and Zac Bahaj

West’s and Fox’s presence turned these guys’ restaurants into DisneyWorld character breakfasts of sorts, and everyone knows the actual cool people are now at Williamsburg hotspot Lilia’s COVID yurts.

The Birthday Birkins

New York eviscerates West’s Hermes birthday gifts to the squad in the kicker of the piece, describing the scene just off camera at the slush pile photo shoot. “As their photos are captured, all five birthday Birkins are lined up on a table in a neat, gauche little row.”

New York City

I don’t know, man, seems like it’s over.