Nathan Fielder Allegedly Has a Girlfriend

I know, I know, you would've been the perfect match for him

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Nathan Fielder attends the premiere of "The Night Before" at The The...
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the rehearsal dinner

A lot of women think they can be the one to finally fix whatever ails Nathan Fielder, that Andy Kaufman-esque HBO show man with a gorgeous head of hair and a lucrative outdoor recreation apparel company. Not so fast, ladies and method actors. It appears the ultra-famous Canadian is taken.

Photos published from GQ Man of the Year Party on November 18 show that Fielder brought comedy director Amber Schaefer as his plus one. Together, they presumably made sparkling small talk with other attendees such as Machine Gun Kelly and that nice little cutie from White Lotus.

So who is this mystery woman?

Schaefer and Fielder have been a rumored item for a while, sources tell Gawker (a rep for Schaefer didn't reply to a request for comment). According to her website, Schaefer currently directs pre-taped shorts for Saturday Night Live, including this one where a zoo tiger blood-lusts after Amy Schumer’s “biblical” flow period underwear. In the past, she’s also directed for Funny or Die and College Humor, plus this series of sultry alt comedians doing phone sex PSAs for Bernie.

In a 2019 interview in Working Not Working magazine, Schaefer revealed she was raised in a “weird house” by “lifestyle nonconformist” parents, which influenced her career. She got her start at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Schaefer said:

This dynamic is probably what forced my hand into comedy. The comedian’s job is to unveil invisible hegemonic systems, to ask: what is normal? Are Lunchables even legally food? And what’s the deal with airplanes? But to me, many of these systems were not hidden because I was otherized at a young age.

She has a dog named Michael. We’re all rooting for her.