Mother Nature Punishes Halsey Fans With Floods, Rats

What did they do to deserve such retribution?

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we are the virus

On Wednesday night, thousands of Halsey fans descended upon Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. They were eager to take in a concert. They were eager to sing “Bad at Love” out loud, with abandon. They were eager to stay somewhat dry and, ideally, completely rat-free. But none of their dreams came true that night.

Instead, they were met with a nightmare.

The concert was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Then it was delayed, due to rain. Concertgoers were held in place, forced to endure punishment for their apparent sins against Mother Nature. They were rained upon under threat of tornado and flash-flood warnings; some took shelter in the bathrooms. Then the concert was canceled. Videos from the scene show fans dealing with intense flooding; vengeance brought down upon them for their, no doubt, illicit deeds.

After the concert was canceled, Halsey took to Instagram Live to explain to fans that weather experts had assured them and their crew that although some rain was predicted for that evening, it would not be enough to make the concert impossible. But the weather got unexpectedly bad quite quickly, and the Halsey crew was advised by local authorities to “put a shelter in place.” “What that means,” Halsey explains, “is we had to keep you guys at the venue, because it wouldn’t have been safe to let everybody evacuate at once, because of stampedes and traffic and everything else.”

Halsey said that they still thought there might be a chance to resume the concert after the storm passed, but that did not happen.

What did the Halsey fans do to deserve Mother Nature’s wrath? Not separate their recycling? Order too much from Amazon? That is between the Halsey fans and Mother. But I will say — there is video evidence of a venue security guard kicking a defenseless rat from up on the stage into a moat of water beneath him, and I can’t say that does much to strengthen humanity’s case:

We deserve this. We deserve this. We deserve this. O, Halsey … we, too, are bad at love.