Miranda Kerr Has Always Wanted a Bathtub in Her Bedroom

And so here it is.

WATTENS, AUSTRIA - JULY 02:  Miranda Kerr, Swarovski Ambassador, during the Swarovski new collection...
Brian Dowling/WireImage/Getty Images

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Can you manifest your dreams? Can you take what was once a formless desire and transform it through alchemy into flesh? Miranda Kerr says yes. In a new interview with MyDomaine, the celebrity announced her divine access to tools far more powerful than those known to science. In a video interview showcasing Hermès pillows and pink accent chairs, Kerr revealed she has raised her vibration to the level of abundance. Her energy is pure light. She has achieved control of her life and the universe functions at her will.

"I have always wanted a bathtub in my bedroom," Kerr told MyDomaine. "And so here it is."


Yes, Miranda Kerr has always wanted a bathtub in her bedroom. And so here it is.

Typically a bathtub would go in a bathroom. Don’t believe me? Take it, then, from the name: “bathroom.” And yet Miranda Kerr has manifested a bathtub in a different room altogether. A bedroom. But she did not rest in that actualization. Her frequency grew only higher. The universe unfolded further secrets; mathematical perfection that cannot be explained.

“It’s incredible how the Miranda Kerr home collection fits so beautifully in here,” she said. “And it wasn’t designed that way, I promise.”

Incredible. But of course, a design implies a designer; a creation implies a creator deity. Is that deity Miranda Kerr? Although she demurred, I cannot think of a rational explanation otherwise.