What Is Meri Brown Revealing in These Cryptic Instas?

Remember, no matter how flat the pancake is, it always has two sides.

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meri's golden tablets

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown, who confirmed her split from her husband Kody Brown earlier this week even though she is open to a candy-coated reconciliation, has been teasing something momentous on Instagram.

In a post on Dec. 19, Meri’s come-hither husky dog eyes are rimmed in a luxurious black kohl liner and her eyebrows are yellow-Sharpied to a perfectly arched precision. In a smart black tee and two gold chains, her signature blonde tresses veer all the way left, suggesting that perhaps she has something else to say…

The caption seems to confirm that Meri is doing her thing on her terms, spiritual, legal, or otherwise:

If you don't want to make waves, keep on being mediocre. Do the thing that everyone else is doing. Seek everyone else's opinion and validation. Do what everyone else thinks you should do.
Do your thing. Do your thing in your own time and on your own terms. Let them judge you. Let them talk about you. Let them create their own 'stories' about you.
Find your courage. Find your strength. Know who YOU are and don't let them tell you any different.
Worthy Up, Sister!

Today, she followed up with another cryptic photoshoot. In the Instagram, Meri peeks out behind a stenciled leather notebook, the type one might buy at a UNESCO World Heritage Site museum shop or perhaps even in a small gift area near the reception at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Her hair is parted on the other side this time, or perhaps the photo is not taken in selfie mode and thus unmirrored. She seems to have her eyes narrowed on something in the middle distance.

A quotation is superimposed over the book. It says ‘THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO THE STORY’ -MERI BROWN.

Nuff said. Well actually, there is also a caption:

Not all is always as it seems. Often, we accept a version of a story as truth because it fits the narrative we've created, or what we want to believe. It's not always about what you're looking at but also where you're looking from. Everyone has their own experiences and their own truths. Remember, no matter how flat the pancake is, it always has two sides.

What could she be hinting at? I checked out her former sister wives’ socials to see if a clue lay within.

All Janelle’s been doing is watching her grandson Axel keep the beat in a North Carolina-based nativity play and shilling her MLM.

Nothing of note from Christine, either. She’s a Utah 12! Whitney Wild Rose WHO!? She’s looking rilly good.

Robyn last posted in 2019.

Looks like Meri is truly going at it alone, not to be confused with her sister daughter, the plucky and fabulous Truely Grace Brown. Whatever Meri’s up to, we know it’ll pan out exactly as she imagines.