Everything We Know About Meghann Fahy’s Rumored Boyfriend

Six fast facts about ‘White Lotus’ co-star Leo Woodall

Meghann Fahy: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; White Lotus: HBO

We love The White Lotus star Meghann Fahy. We would marry her today, no questions asked; we wouldn’t even request to meet her face-to-face first. So imagine our devastation to find that she is not only not dating us, but is instead allegedly dating someone else — a guy we know, even. According to reports from intrepid DeuxMoi tipsters and Instagram comment watchers, Fahy could be romantically linked to her The White Lotus co-star Leo Woodall, who played the alleged uncle-fucker Jack.

The evidence, which comes to us from our sister site Bustle, is as such: Fahey commented “I love you! I love these! I love you! 😘♥️” on the above carousel of Instagram photos, to which Woodall replied “Love you right back ♥️”; in one of the photos Woodall’s finger is in Fahy’s mouth; in another Instagram posting in which Fahy noted that she loves the U.K., Woodall commented, “UK loves you back”; and according to an anonymous DeuxMoi tip, “Meghann and Leo 1000 per cent. Tons of witnesses. Not a whole lot of secrecy behind this pairing.”

And we’d like to add evidence that we came across ourselves, if you can believe it, via a recent New Yorker profile of Fahy that took place at a pop-up store celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the movie 8 Mile:

“She caressed a T-shirt promoting a showdown between B-Rabbit and his nemesis, Papa Doc. She bought two, one for herself and one for Leo Woodall, a British actor she befriended while in Sicily filming The White Lotus. ‘We lived there for, like, two and a half months, and we all hung out with each other a ton, because it was like a ghost town,’ she said. (They filmed during the island’s off-season.) She and Woodall bonded as fellow Slim Shady stans. ‘He can do all the freestyles from the film!’”

Uh-huh. Neither has confirmed the relationship, so it could be false. But in case it’s true, here’s everything we, as viewers of The White Lotus’s second season, know about Leo Woodall.

1. He wasn’t very nice to Portia.

He kidnapped her, etc. Though he did warn her not to go to the cops, which is probably advice she needed. And she seemed to have fun with him before she knew she was in trouble. And he didn’t end up murdering her. So that’s actually pretty decent.

2. He’s willing to steal arancini if necessary.

This could come in handy if Meghann Fahy ever needs arancini.

3. He was fucking his so-called uncle.

But Quentin wasn’t actually his uncle, I don’t think, so really no worries here.

4. He apparently doesn’t keep his phone password protected.

This shows a rather stunning amount of trust and openness, two things Meghann Fahy deserves in any relationship.

5. He has a “cowabunga” tattoo.

Hell yeah, dude.

6. He’ll do whatever it takes to get paid.

He’s suckin’ dick for a lot more than Range Rovers, honey! (So to speak.) It’s important to know your partner can support you financially, and it seems like he’s willing to both have sex and murder for cash. Comforting knowledge to have, in this economy.

If the rumors are true, we’re so happy for Meghann Fahy and Jack. Enjoy Sicily, lovebirds. And keep your eye on your iPhone, Meghann! 😂