Meghann Fahy Taunts Us With Romantic Photos of Rumored Boyfriend

Cruel woman ...

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 20: Meghann Fahy attends the Los Angeles season 2 premiere of HBO ...
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Meghann Fahy is the love of our life. We love her perfect face and her freckles. We love her effortless charm and charisma. Every night we look towards the moon and think, Meghann Fahy is up there somewhere … looking down at us. And yet, although our love should be celebrated, Fahy continues to taunt us with photographs of her rumored beau, The White Lotus star Leo Woodall. O, cruel woman!

In an Instagram carousel posted Monday, Fahy shared behind-the-scenes photos from her time filming The White Lotus in Italy. Within the carousel are moments with all of her costars: the gen-Z girl, the gen-Z boy, the asshole guy, the whole misery crew. But what struck our heart most devastatingly was the second slide, a photograph of Fahy and Woodall.


The two are cuddled close together, their bodies touching, while Fahy’s left hand rests slightly on Woodall’s arm, as if we don’t even exist. “White Lotus star Meghann Fahy shares cozy photo with her co-star Leo Woodall amid rumors they are dating alongside more behind the scenes moments from the hit show,” says the Daily Mail in one breath, and man — why do you have to rub it in like that.

Woodall, who is not innocent in all of this, commented on the Instagram post with “[bomb emoji] [shell emoji].” He wants to put a bomb inside of a shell and explode it to get little shell pieces? you’re thinking, but no. He probably means “bombshell,” as in our love Ms. Meghann Fahy is a bombshell. And, yeah …


Whatever. We don’t even care. All right? We’re over it. We don’t even look up at the moon ever anymore now. We kinda don’t even remember it exists. All we know is the sun. The beautiful sun. The beautiful, radiant sun as it shines upon Meghann Fahy’s freckles ... god damnit!