Matt Damon Shuns Twitter, Prefers to Issue Knee-Jerk Responses Through Other Media

He also has a secret Instagram account.

U.S. actor Matt Damon poses during a photocall for the film "Stillwater" at the 74th edition of the ...
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Matt Damon declined to comment on his recent “f-slur” controversy in a new interview with GQ. If you don’t recall, the controversy followed his admission that a thoughtful letter from his daughter made him decide to “retire the ‘f-slur,’” a move that was met by the public not with applause but with the question of why he had not, until that moment, retired the “f-slur.” He then released a statement saying essentially: uh, actually none of that happened, please forget, also I love LGBTQ+ #pride.

But anyway, no, he would not comment on it. It’s okay. We’ve had enough of his comments and would prefer to enjoy his acting without knowing his every last incorrect thought about everything. Matt Damon seems to almost understand this, explaining his resistance to joining Facebook and Twitter in GQ:

“I just never saw the point. And I feel better and better about that decision as time goes on. I understand wanting to be connected to everybody on Facebook, but my life is so full and I’m connected, really, to everybody I need to be connected to. And then Twitter, I just reflexively didn’t believe that my first knee-jerk response to something was necessarily something that should go all over the world.”

Yes, gosh, what a different world it would be if we were all privy to Matt Damon’s first knee-jerk responses to hot-button issues. And if they were forced in front of our eyes around the release dates of major projects? Why, I can’t even imagine.

Matt Damon does have a secret Instagram account, though. “I have 76 followers and I’ve done 40 posts since 2013,” he told GQ. That’s nice, Matt Damon. Let's hope someone does not use this information to find it in time for the release of the upcoming Matt Damon feature The Last Duel (October 15, 2021).

Update: Writer Zoë Haylock found the Instagram account almost immediately: