It Sure Seems Like Lisa Rinna Has Been Fired from ‘RHOBH’

Her suspicious social media activity is making fans wonder

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“I was Lisa Fucking Rinna before HW and I’ll be Lisa Fucking Rinna After,” Lisa (fucking) Rinna wrote in an Instagram Story post on Monday. The suspicious declaration is only the most recent in a series of actions making fans wonder whether the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member has been excommunicated from her beautiful Bravo paradise. Gosh, I hope Harry Hamlin has an evacuation plan ready.

It hasn’t been an easy season for Lisa Rinna, either on- or off-screen. The former soap star lost her mother, the much-beloved Lois, in November. After the tragedy played out on the show, Rinna took to social media to lash out at producers, saying her mother “got one episode of grace” and “that’s it.” In an Instagram comment afterwards she wrote, “I’m shocked we spent three episodes about the word dark, but only few scenes shown on real human grief.” (And she’s right that all of the episodes spent attempting to determine the meaning of the word “dark” [when used in the phrase “dark comments”] were boring and ultimately fruitless.) (Much like the rest of the whole season.)

More recently, Rinna courted controversy by removing a statement from her Instagram page that denounced the throng of racist comments fellow cast member Garcelle Beauvais’s 14-year-old child Jax was getting on social media. The statement, originally released by Bravo, was shared on social media by the rest of the cast:

After fans noticed Rinna had removed the statement from her page, she attempted to clarify her reasoning in a series of messages on her Instagram Story. “I archived it that’s all,” she wrote. “I’ve been keeping my social page very edited if you will notice. I’m keeping it very positive non negative and fashion and fun.” She continued:

“I don’t want anything negative on my feed and since my own children are being threatened as we speak I felt it best to archive it. The statement did nothing so why keep it up? Our children are getting threats. All of our children. It’s gone beyond and I need to keep my family safe now. I will no longer be saying or posting anything about the show.”


In another series of unfortunate Instagram Story posts, Rinna accused Real Housewives producers of orchestrating a bot campaign against the 14-year-old Jax in order to make her look bad, because of — and I know this doesn’t make sense — her feud with former cast member Lisa Vanderpump.

“Is it a coinkydink that the producer of our show now was a producer of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ when all that shit went down over there online in the press and such?” she asked. “I don’t know, I have a little detective inside of me that goes, ‘When bullshit’s happening, and it’s being placed on people and me, I go, ‘Wait a second. Why? Why’s that happening?’ So I’m just putting 2, 3, 4 and 5 together, and I’m going, ‘Oh! Very interesting.'”

Uh-huh …

On Tuesday, gossip site Radar Online — a Beverly Hills housewife favorite and/or nemesis, depending — declared that a source had told them Rinna hasn’t been fired from the series, despite the fact that she removed all evidence of it from her social media pages. “Sources tell us that she's still very much employed by Bravo,” the site claims. But fans seem to think otherwise:

Will she be back next season? I guess we’ll only know the truth when it comes from her lips …

(“Her” meaning Bravo, in this case.)