Last Days of 'Ellen': Teigen Tales Edition

Ellen didn’t even pretend to cry

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The Last Days of 'Ellen'

In honor of Ellen Degeneres’s show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, coming to an end after 19 years on May 26, we are chronicling its farewell season each week. These are the Last Days of Ellen.

I like to think that I really stay on top of who comes through Ellen’s ever-revolving door to say goodbye to her and lie about how nice she is, but somehow I totally missed it when Gawker fave Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend stopped by to surprise Ellen a couple days ago. Rookie mistake. It won’t happen again.

Chrissy showed up wearing one of the shortest dresses I’ve ever seen, presumably knowing full well that she would have to sit down at one point. This led to some off-the-cuff comedy, such as John calling it “a blouse” and Ellen graciously offering the Chrissy’s Court star a tissue to cover up her poonani.

Then they got down to business. The business, as it has been for the past few weeks, was Ellen being told how special and cherished she is by whoever is sitting across from her. John reflected on being a guest on the show in its early days, back when Ellen called him “up-and-coming.” Chrissy told Ellen that appearing on the show was one of her first ever talk show experiences.

“I remember you guys being so warm and welcoming and so nice, and I was so scared to meet you,” Chrissy said. “And from that first meeting, I fell in love, and then I’ve obviously grown up watching you, and seeing you do this show, and seeing how happy you make people, it’s just really inspiring and so amazing. You are goals in a million different ways!”

“Um, alright. Thank you so much,” Ellen said, not entirely sure what else there is to say in response to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend barging onto her set to emote all over her.

Having watched a lot of people come to Ellen to deliver their parting words to our host, I can say with great confidence that this was one of the worst. Ellen was bad at feigning surprise, Chrissy’s cooter stole the show, and John (as he usually is when he’s with his wife) basically faded into the background. Ellen didn’t even pretend to tear up. 5/10.

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