The Last Days of 'Ellen': Ellen Is a Bitch to Kim Kardashian

Our despised host does not seem to understand that arachnophobia is real

Kim Kardashian on The Ellen Degeneres Show.
The Ellen Show/YouTube
Ban Pranks
The Last Days of 'Ellen'

In honor of Ellen Degeneres’s show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, coming to an end after 19 years on May 26, we are chronicling its farewell season each week. These are the Last Days of Ellen.

Here’s a little life tip for you all: don’t ever do a prank predicated on someone’s biggest fear. Actually, just don’t do a prank ever. Unless you are a member of the Jackass crew, they are rarely funny and often just make their target feel bad. Ellen has never once listened to my advice, and refuses to let her love of pranks die.

I have no idea how the taping schedule of this show works, but today the episode where Kim Kardashian told Ellen about Pete Davidson getting her name branded on his chest finally aired. I guess it was filmed a month ago and is airing now to sync up with the new Kardashians show on Hulu. That’s the magic of TV, folks.

Anyway, to celebrate what is likely Kim’s last appearance on Ellen, the two took a trip down memory lane. They watched old clips, reminisced about the time Ellen scared Kris Jenner so hard that she fell down and peed herself, and seemed to be having a very pleasant time.

Unfortunately, Ellen cannot stop herself from being a bitch, and used Kim’s final moments on the show to perform a cruel prank. For context, Kim is incredibly scared of spiders. This is something that has been well-documented on multiple episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Knowing this, Ellen thought it would be hilarious to bring out a spider cage and then pretend to throw a spider at Kim while the reality star yelled “No, no, no, no,” and eventually walked off the set completely. Once again, Ellen proved herself to be the funniest talent of her generation.

The masses did not like this. On the Ellen Show Instagram — which has 117 million followers? — fans were quick to say that Ellen had crossed a line.

“Wow. Way to respect her boundaries. Respect to Kim for walking out,” one user wrote.

“That is rude. I would have left too. She said stop and no how many times! Ellen knew her fear before hand and didn’t respect that nor her attempt at stopping her. UNCOOL,” wrote another.

One commenter cut straight to the point, writing, “Not nice Helen.”

Do better, Helen.

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