Lala Kent Wino Forever’d Her Rand Tattoo

Now she's bRand new.

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rando for never

First he was her man, and then he was Rand, and now he is nothing. Yes, Randall Emmett, the movie producer who was allegedly the inspiration for Entourage’s “Turtle” character, and Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent have officially split. While we already knew this intellectually, it is time to digest it in a more physical way.

I know you don’t like change, so I’m just going to rip the Band-aid off. Lala has transformed her “Rand” tattoo into a post-Rand tattoo. She quietly revealed the change in a sunglasses post published on Instagram (if you zoom in). In it, the reality star proved that she is no longer “Rand.” Now she is — “bRand new.”

Lala Kent’s Instagram

From “Rand” to “bRand new.” While it does not match the elegance of Johnny Depp’s “Winona Forever” to “Wino Forever” tattoo transformation, it does offer a little special something, and I’m willing to bet it at least will not inspire rage-fueled alleged assault. So Lala can have the top slot: “Best former lover’s name tattoo alteration that I can recall at the moment, even though the capitalization is unfortunate.”

I guess it would be best, when getting a tattoo of a lover’s name, to consider in advance what word or words you could change it to in the event that a breakup happens. Choose a uniform capitalization style, maybe, so the letters could fit neatly into another word. Or space out the letters far enough that you could fit more letters in. If you got a tattoo of my name (“Kelly”) for example:

Maybe you could change it to something like this:

Now it’s a Skellyton Party, which is happy. Though I think ideally you would add more skeletons. Anyway congratulations to Lala’s tattoo.