Lala Kent Is in Love Again, and This Time It’s With an Ear

It's her second new ear of the year

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i'm all ears

Lala Kent, who recently debuted a new ear, has debuted yet another new ear — her second new ear of the year. And it appears that to whom it adheres (someone quite dear) is unclear. Might it be an auctioneer, or a Buccaneer? A balladeer, or a chandelier? My, I hope it becomes clear … at least within this calendar year!

Yes, it seems Lala Kent is dating an ear. She debuted her new ear lover Wednesday morning on Instagram, posting this seductive slide:

Lala Kent / Instagram

My, my, my … that is certainly an ear. Whoo-ey! It is also tattoos. Kent has so far kept mum about to whom the ear is attached (if we’re to assume it is attached to anyone at all; I mean no disrespect to the Ear Alone community), but on a recent episode of SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, she said she thought she might be in love. Could it be with this ear?

“I think I might be in love,” she said during the appearance. “My friend’s been trying to hook me up with him for a long time and we finally met. We’ve hung out like, literally, that was the third time. We had a lot of fun.”

“I love his brain. He’s very smart,” she said. “His face doesn’t match what comes out of his mouth. He’s a unicorn.” So, if this person is the same as the ear person, we have a few new clues regarding his identity and body:

  • He has a brain
  • He has a face
  • He has a mouth
  • He is a unicorn

And I know what you’re thinking — this description sounds almost exactly like the unicorn Animoji in the iPhone, right down to the part about the face not matching what comes out of the mouth (when you record a voice message using the Animoji feature). But I need you to remember the ear. Remember the ear? That ear is not a part of the unicorn Animoji, as far as I can tell. Or actually, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check.


Yeah, I don’t see it. Or wait …

Hold on ...

Okay yeah, it’s the unicorn Animoji.