Kim Kardashian Was a LIAR for Halloween

Don't you dare lie to me about Tracee Ellis Ross's birthday party

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Do I think Kim Kardashian always tells me the truth? No.

I’m comfortable living with the idea that Kim Kardashian is going to sometimes lie to me. The world needs lies to function, and if Kim Kardashian, for example, wants to say she never had gray hair or that she likes her sister’s tequila or that she just wants to share with us what her “friends” told her about the EthereumMax token, that’s okay by me. But I’m not just going to eat up any lazy lie she serves me. I refuse to be made a fool of, at least not without a bit of effort.

I do not believe Kim Kardashian showed up to Tracee Ellis Ross's 50th birthday dinner party in a very elaborate Mystique costume by “mistake.”

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

“That time I showed up to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn’t a costume party!,” Kardashian captioned a photo of herself, as Mystique, and Tracee Ellis Ross, in regular birthday clothes, on Instagram. “Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul @traceeelliseross.”

Uh-huh. Yeah right. I doubt it. But also, let me be clear — I don’t have issue with the words. I believe that Kardashian did indeed show up to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn’t a costume party. What I refuse to believe is the implication that she did so by mistake. (“Awkward!” says the Daily Mail — yeah right.) Kim Kardashian knew this was not a costume party. She did not show up, notice her mistake, and post only one rather demure Instagram slide about it. She did not put on her elaborate Mystique costume for Tracee Ellis Ross's birthday dinner.

She put on her elaborate Mystique costume for the costume party she attended after Tracee Ellis Ross's birthday dinner.

Diddy / Instagram

Diddy was the Joker.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Do I think Kim Kardashian showed up at Tracee Ellis Ross’s birthday dinner in costume, assuming everyone would be in costume, like that Katie Dippold tweet? No. Do I think she asked Tracee Ellis Ross if she could show up in costume before she headed to her next event, which was a costume party? And do I think Tracee Ellis Ross said yes because ultimately who cares, it’s kind of funny, plus she thought it might get a bit of attention on the internet, not that Tracee Ellis Ross needs it, but, you know, it never hurts? Yes.

Do not lie to me Kim Kardashian. Not about this.