From Nothing, Kaley Cuoco and Random Boyfriend Create Life

The couple is expecting Baby Girl Random

the big bang

It is theorized that a random fluctuation in quantum foam is what triggered the Big Bang. This Big Bang theory-related randomness, it then follows, is the source of life. And I’m pleased to share with you that history has repeated itself.

Kaley Cuoco and her random boyfriend are pregnant.

Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey, a guy she met, announced in separate Instagram posts on Tuesday that they are expecting a child. As evidenced by a pink stripe through a celebratory baby cake shown in several of the photos in Cuoco’s multi-slide post, the child is to be a girl. “💕Baby girl Pelphrey coming 2023💕 beyond blessed and over the moon… I 💓you @tommypelphrey !!!” Cuoco wrote. And we are of course so happy for her and this guy.

Accompanying Pelphrey’s post, the former soap star and one-time Ozark actor wrote, "And then it was even MORE BETTER. 🎀🎀🎀. Love you more than ever @kaleycuoco ♥️🙏♥️.”

To recap you on their love story: the two met at a premiere, via their shared manager. Angels sang. And now the angels are singing once more, for this upcoming baby girl. You can hear them if you listen closely (ahhHhhaHhhHhhhooohhh). From a random mess of nothing — new life. The miracle of creation. The blessing of randomness. The result of at least three “big bangs,” if you understand my meaning about what the third would be.

Congratulations to the random couple. We love you.