Julia Fox and Kanye’s Relationship More Open Than Ever

She reportedly no longer has the “energy” to date him.

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 24: Julia Fox and Ye attend the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 202...
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just a few days ago we received word that Julia Fox and Kanye’s sexless relationship is not exclusive. We couldn’t believe it at the time, and we’re still in a frenzied state. Now, just when the Julia Fox and Kanye ventricle of our heart is pumping at its weakest, we receive this news: Julia Fox may no longer have the energy to date Kanye at all.

I should have told you to sit down.

According to an E! source, Julia Fox and Kanye, a couple we have come to see as a model for what a sturdy, open relationship featuring one guy who is desperately trying to win back his ex-wife in public can be, are having a hard time being on opposite sides of the country. "Julia is a mom first and her family and work obligations are in New York," the source said. "Ye did express he wanted her in Los Angeles, but she couldn't take that on."

If you’re wondering whether opening a Carbone in Kansas so each of them only has to travel halfway might ease things, you just wait — there’s more. “When she's not around, he reverts back to his old ways with social media outbursts and public antics,” E!’s source said. “[She is] focusing on her friends and family right now, and does not have the energy to put into a relationship.”

Well, it does seem exhausting. Even just washing all of the hideous makeup off after every date … I couldn’t do it. And constantly wearing full jean outfits, or full leather outfits, covering up all of that hard-won alleged coolsculpting? Nah. That’ll do, Julia.