Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus Team Up With Royal Caribbean Cruises to Confirm Split

The TikTokkers went on a post-break vacay with their chosen family to heal — and it worked!

Getty/JC Olivera / Contributor
emotional motion sickness

All aboard! Jojo Siwa and TikTok phenom Avery Cyrus (no relation to Billy Ray, Tish, Noah, Trace, Miley, Brandy or Braison) announced their split (sad!) via a sponsored TikTok for the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Wonder of the Seas (fun!). You might remember that Jojo recently got doubly canceled aboard that same ship for endangering marine life while cornrowed. Turns out, that wasn’t even half the drama on the doomed ocean liner….

In the video, Cyrus invites her acolytes to come along with her on a seven-day Royal Caribbean cruise. She starts off with a gnarly wipeout, then goes back to her room to get into her robe and drink some champagne. Cut to Siwa in yellow shorts standing aside a claw game in the ship’s Kidz Korner arcade. She’s holding an egg in clamshell packaging, possibly filled with slime, more likely containing the Heart of the Ocean. She says, “This is my I’m sorry for breaking up with you present.” In a voiceover, Cyrus says, “I ended the night with a really sweet present from Jojo.” We the viewers are left to pick up the pieces.

The video continues to cycle through every activity imaginable, from roller coasters to “bald mermaids,” and it appears the sizzlng gay castaways have taken their entire clique of 30 to 80 influencers along with them on their banana daiquiri-flavored break-up pleasure cruise. I can’t really focus, though, because love went overboard on the high seas, just two months after they made it official inside a late-pandemic Chuck E. Cheese.

Cyrus left a comment on the TikTok confirming the split in response to a fan who wrote, “Now I just want to know why.” She said, "We decided that we are better off as friends! We are both so young and still just trying to figure our stuff out."

Those are some pretty small cabins to work stuff out in.