Jojo Siwa and On-Again Girlfriend Rock Out at the Happiest Place on Earth

Jojo's dad was there, too

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 03: (L-R) Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa attend a drive-in screening and ...
Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
fairytale ending

Warring Prewnatics and Siwanators, put down your arms! Kylie Prew and Jojo Siwa, former exes and forever cuties, are back together and taking on Orlando.

The duo was spotted at Disney World just a week after Siwa alluded to her reconciliation with Prew to Extra. “I felt like for a while my puzzle piece was just like scrambled eggs and I feel like I finally started to put my puzzle back together.”

Looks like these two crazy eggs finally made an omelette, proudly holding hands at the amusement park. Actually, Siwa linked up with Prew with her right hand and her dad Tom with her left.

On Sunday, Tom was the one to break the news that the couple is back on. In one photo, bad-ass Prew even makes the “rock on” sign with both hands while strapped into a coaster.

Could Nickelodeon’s ice-out of Siwa at the Kids’ Choice Awards have made her a reactionary rabid adult Disney fan? Or maybe she was just there because she appreciates intricately themed production design and jumbo turkey legs, and because Prew already lives in Florida. Either way, those matching 101 Dalmatians shirts scream “happily ever after.”