Jesus-Like Jojo Siwa Chooses Forgiveness with Candace Cameron Bure

The two former child stars squashed their feud over a 2016 red carpet snub

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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” -Isaiah 26:4

Jojo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure squashed their beef, thus putting a Mint Unicorn Hair Bow ($7.50 at Claire’s) on the ultimate feud of the century that doesn’t have anything to do with a 96-year-old British grandmother’s strained relationship with an infant.

The trouble all started over the weekend when Jojo revealed Candace was the rudest celebrity she’d ever met in a now-deleted poolside TikTok. Cameron responded by unleashing the power of Jehovah unto Jojo via an Instagram story of a verse of scripture in bridesmaid font. We postulated that they were feuding over a set of gifted ecclesiastical cookie cutters from Cameron’s Jesus-themed homegoods and vibey Bible merch line Dayspring on a 2019 episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show. But it turns out the snub preceded that Yuletide disaster by almost a whole Trump administration. Jojo was so gracious accepting the cookie cutters while harboring that ancient hurt.

Here’s the scoop on “the Jojo situation”, as explained by Candy herself in a front-facing apologia Instagram series she calls “Candace’s Car Chronicles.”

Candace was shocked by the TikTok and reached out to Jojo. They spoke on the phone on Tuesday morning and had “a great conversation.” Jojo, by Candace’s sorta condescending explanation, was embarrassed to even admit to what was stuck in her pearly craw for all these years: When Jojo was eleven, she asked Candace for a picture at the 2016 red carpet premiere of Fuller House. Candace rebuffed the future Gawker Person of the Year and then proceeded to take pictures with other people. How rude!

The “Mama Bear” had no idea that she’d broken Jojo’s eleven-year-old heart, and feels “really crummy” about it all.

“So that’s it. All good on the Jojo front.” But then she tries to teach Jojo a lesson: “Even a ten second trending TikTok video can do damage. Our words matter and our actions matter.”

Tori Spelling, for one, bowed down to Cam’s eloquence.

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But not me. The Siwanators may have put their issues with the cast of Fuller House to bed, but my own personal feud with CCB is about to pop off. Nobody tries to teach Jojo a lesson on my watch.