Jennie Nguyen's Truth: I Have One Black Friend

His name is Michael

Chad Kirkland/Bravo/NBC
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On Wednesday, on the topic of disgraced memelord and former Real Housewife of Salt Lake City Jennie Nguyen, I filed a wildly speculative post about what “truth” she threatened to share on a forthcoming Instagram Live tell-all. I suspected that Jennie’s “truth” would be that her racist Facebook posts from 2020 were leaked and had to do with producer involvement, intentional fomenting of political discord, and sabotage.

But the “truth” is actually much better than what I suggested. Here it is: It was her social media team’s fault that racist memes appeared on her personal Facebook page. “I just want you to understand that, during that time, I had a team of people that [were] helping me. Whether they posted [or] I posted, it doesn’t really matter at this point,” Nguyen said, according to Page Six.

Perhaps it was a former member of the Shah Squad? It’s unclear to me why she needed a team of social media managers for her personal Facebook page, as Nguyen wasn’t cast on the show until at least a year after the posts in question. But who am I to question the personal branding ambitions of the former med spa owner and proud momma to Atlas, Triton, and Karlyn?

Nguyen’s “truth” is ALSO that she actually knows this one guy name Michael, who is Black (and gay, fwiw), and he’s sitting next to her and saying “She’s not a racist” into the camera.

This mysterious “Michael” character went on: “Over time, I did have to educate her on the whole Black Lives Matter and everything like that because I’m a gay black man, so I live it every day” he said. “Anybody that’s saying she paid him to be there or she pulled the friend card, I see all your comments.”

In the Instagram Live video, Jennie also came out as a proud Republican. It also looks like she and her husband Duy, Michael, and some guy went to either a discotheque or a padded cell in an old timey sanitarium together afterward, as evidenced by a post to the grid.

God bless.