What Could Possibly Make Jason Momoa’s Camper Van Cost $750k?

I guess it does have a Nespresso.

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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced their divorce earlier this month. I know you already knew that, though, because the skin on your face is completely raw in two perfectly blistered tear lines, and also you’re screaming. It’s okay — please calm down. Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are going to be fine. They still love each other. And according to the Daily Mail, Jason Momoa is living in his $750k camper van, which is currently parked at a friend's Los Angeles house. And, you know … a $750k camper van … that’s gotta be pretty nice, huh??

Okay let’s see what this camper van is all about. “Jason had his luxurious EarthRoamer XV-LTi 026 RV customized in 2018, with the home away from home kitted out with a Nespresso machine, an induction cooktop, and an outdoor kitchen,” the Daily Mail says. Huh … so, the fact that it has a stove and a Nespresso is what makes it cost $750k? “There's also a king size mattress, ideal for the 6ft 3in actor.”

Okay … the Daily Mail also quotes an insider who told The Sun that Momoa sleeps in the van instead of in a hotel while filming away from home, “so he can be by the beach.” Okay, I get that. But I assume “the beach” is not included in the cost of the camper van. Does it have anything else?

An article from MotorBiscuit about Jason Momoa’s $750k camper van says it has “cedar-lined closets, dinettes, and reclining seats that turn into additional sleeping areas.” Okay … what else? “It has a hidden safe and extra storage.” (All right … “extra” compared to what, one wonders.) “This RV also takes advantage of every bit of space.” Okay how. “For example, the back of the passenger seat becomes additional counter space, and the pantry pulls out for access.”

Okay …

If I can be honest, I’m afraid Jason Momoa got tricked into buying a $750k camper van because it had a Nespresso machine. Upgrades like that can really fuck with you, I think. Like when you see Aesop soap in an Airbnb listing and it’s like … well damn this place must be fancy. But then it’s not actually that nice, and the soap in the bottle isn’t even Aesop? And it’s probably not even Mrs. Meyers? But I guess the Daily Mail also says Jason Momoa has $14 million, so ultimately it’s Jason Momoa’s money to spend, and he should feel free to spend it on whatever sort of normal RV he wants. Hope you like the van, Jason Momoa. Enjoy the Nespresso!