It's Simple: Guys Named Pete Wear Two Hats

Kim Kardashian needs to respect this aspect of Pete culture

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you wouldn't get it

In 2007, Pete Doherty went to rehab wearing his “trademark two trilbies,” and I was fulfilled. We’ve since lost him to the sea – he and the rest of the Libertines have opened a “punk noir Victorian” inn called The Albion Rooms in blustery old Kent. It’s been fifteen long years since I’ve been able to scratch the itch of a guy named Pete wearing one hat atop the other.


That is until an Instagram account called @kardashiansocial, which I follow for private medical reasons, posted an extended clip of Kim Kardashian asking her boyfriend Pete Davidson, also a performer with a history of addiction, to remove one of his two baseball caps at a fitting of Marilyn Monroe’s birthday sex dress for the Met Gala.

Here’s a transcript of the stunning exchange:

KIM: Take the double hat off.
PETE: My double hat? I don’t know where to put my hat.
KIM: She’ll hold it [motioning to a Floridian rando] Just in case because if it works and we want to use this somewhere…
PETE: For what?
KIM: Just if I want to post any behind-the-scenes–
PETE: Oh, you don’t want me to have a double hat?
KIM: Choose one.
PETE: It’s cool.
KIM: I’m just looking out for you.
DIFFERENT FLORIDIAN RANDO: Pete, you want me to take it?
PETE: Thank you man. This hat caused a lot of trouble.

I want his hat to stay on! And according to Page Six, I am legion with the same type of freaks of nature who are making TikToks about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. They think that Kim is being a controlling banshee to her boyfriend, who just wants to let his Pete flag fly. Some of the commenters read my mind:

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Girls suck, hats rock. Simple as that. But of course Kim doesn’t get it. It’s a Pete thing.