I Guess Young Prince William Wanted to Cyber With Britney Spears

Can't blame him, really.

Prince William: WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Britney Spears: Comic Relief/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Prince William — you know, he wasn’t always the husband of the woman whose hair is like that baby’s. He was once a sexy single out on the prowl. He once trawled the streets looking for someone to hug, someone to look at warmly from a separate canopied bed. Someone to kiss his royal forehead and tell him he’s a good lad, strong and sly. Someone to cyber with via email. And it seems he briefly, at one point, found that person in ... Britney Spears.

Yes, the same Britney Spears everyone is talking about lately.

This revelation comes from royal biographer Christopher Andersen, who has a new royal biography book out. I guess he talks about Prince William’s cyber relationship with Britney Spears in that book, but also he talked about it with Us Weekly, which is where our information comes from today.

“[William and Spears] tried to get together back when they were young,” he told the magazine, “and he also had a kind of similar cyber relationship with Lauren Bush, the model and the niece of President [George W.] Bush.” Sadly, Andersen says William and Spears never managed to see their cyber chemistry come alive IRL. “There may have been phone conversations, but I don’t recall that they ever actually managed to get together during that period,” he said.

Britney Spears confirmed this during a 2002 ITV1 (British TV channel) interview, saying she and Prince William “exchanged emails for a little bit,” and that he was supposed to travel to see her somewhere, “but it didn’t work out.”

Damn. What could have been? We have only our imaginations to guide us. And the illicit contents of young Prince William’s diary, I suspect.