Helen Mirren Post Wordle

The Dame gets it in three

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 05: Helen Mirren attends a screening of "The Duke" hosted by  Sony Pictur...
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Lately, Dame Helen Mirren has been logging on to www dot newyorktimes slash games slash wordle and getting to playin’. “I’ve just discovered it, I love it,” Mirren said about the viral game Wordle during a talkback after screening of her new movie “The Duke” on Tuesday night.

According to Page Six, “The Oscar-winning legend divulged that she ‘quite often’ solves the daily word game in three attempts, ‘but it takes me a long time to get there.’” Three tries is pretty remarkable. I play a consonant-heavy game myself (I call it “consonant play”) and I don’t put much stock in how many permutations it takes me to solve the puzzle. I rarely get it in three tries, but I’m not a Dame – merely a chica.

I imagine that Helen Mirren copy-pastes her little collection of green and yellow squares to her Knighted British Celebrity Discord. It’s a little ritual among friends and coworkers, and a stress-free, consistent way to stay connected once all those early pandemic group chats are dying down a little. The Dames and Lords all have different strategies.

Dame Judi Dench is also quick with it, but solved it in one try early on in her infatuation and won’t stop talking about it.

This is Sir Mick Jagger’s strat:

Sir Bono also can’t play because there’s no wifi compatibility built into the Product (RED) iPod Nano he still uses.

Sir Daniel Day Lewis can’t play because they didn’t have iPad in 1865 (method acting during the filming of Lincoln joke).

For some reason Lord Disick weaseled his way into the chat, but it’s Penelope Disick pretending to be in. She gets it in one try consistently.

Anthony Hopkins does not want to be here.