Have You Seen Jesse Williams's Penis?

We have

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There’s a lot of full-frontal nudity in the Tony-nominated revival of Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out. This gift requires audience members to, upon entering the theater, put their phones and smart devices in a sealed Yondr case; the unopenable bag canceled comedians enforce the use of while they hone their post-cancellation material. Of course, though, thirst finds a way.

A video of Take Me Out star Jesse Williams and his substantial penis has made its way to Twitter last night. Here it is:

Wang Yukun/Moment/Getty Images

Just kidding, I can’t share it here; that photo is of a beautiful flower. But, well — have you seen it? We all have, here at Gawker. We all saw it, and we talked about it. It’s easy to find. You just have to search “Jesse Williams” on Twitter and then tab over to “Photos.” Go do it now, we’ll wait.

Okay, have you seen it? I assume yes. On behalf of you, allow me to thank the brave audience member who, I imagine, smuggled in a secondary smart device in order to take this video for social media. While you may not receive the credit you are due today, person, I am certain your service will pay out in good karma for the remainder of your life. Amen.